Hi! I’m Blair.

I live in Ottawa, Canada with my fiancée, two Savannah cats, and our Australian Shepherd.

I started my career at Shopify, leading their App Store team, in 2012. I was a month or so in to my computer science degree when I dropped out to hop on that rocketship.

After leaving in 2017, I took some time off to do consulting with ecommerce technology companies. I also did a brief stint as Director of Product at Pixel Union, one of the premier app/theme/agency developers in the world.

Now, I lead partnerships as Director of Business Development at Shogun. We’re building the best drag-and-drop storefront builder and conversion rate optimization tool for online stores.

I’m a chronic life-optimizer. I love beautiful products that make my life easier. I just can’t build them for shit (see brief stint as Director of Product).

Lately, I’ve been getting into reading, running, watches, and semi-retro video games (think 90’s-early 00’s).